Alice in Scenesterland (stitchtowhere) wrote,

couple outfits and bonus ten-second vid footage

technicolour Trunchbull

new shooz

brooch sillyness:
brooch diy

not sure if a) i have enough hair to attempt the lykke li bun b) it works for me, but i've been attempting to rock it as i grow my hair out.

cowl collared mustard tunic (with wrap/button details on torso that you can't see): le chateau
grey trumpet dress with black piping: winners
hot pink tights: old navy
navy fishtail skirt (as crinoline): addition-elle
navy belt: vintage
navy shoes with gold nautical details: winners
plaid flower brooch (i fanced up by wrapping some vintage pearls around it): gift from mom


the basics

mod tunic

i am now convinced on the subject of jeggings.

ruched-bottom jeggings: sale rack at mxm (in wpg) $6!
mod tunic/dress with pockets/bell sleeves: zellers
mister t-chains: vintage/claire's
bomber jacket: le chateau outlet
boots: urban planet
fringed hoops: gift


because i am always surprised and delighted by videos of those whom i've only acquainted in the digital realm, i though i'd give you a look at what my life in the outernet looks like these days.

my classmate took some video footage of metorso-dancing to amy winehouse working on copy edits. we're producing a book trailer for our Book of Mpub project, but so far it is mostly a video about how i am either the best person to work with or the worst (depending on your stance) since it reveals that my productivity is directly proportional to my level of silliness. (you'd be amazed what a person can produce while torso-dancing)

it's me! at the end of a 13-hour workday! with deflated stringy hair! in three dimensions! (well the last ten seconds of it anyway.)

(side note: one of my colleagues added "fatshion" to our style guide. it gladdened my heart.)


it is spring! i am a broke student, but if i wasn't, i would be getting weird blousy tops and a pair of boyfriend jeans to wear with the woven leather jazzesque shoes i scored at little miss vintage. oh and knit pencil skirts in every colour. what's everyone else (dreaming of) wearing to beckon summer?
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