Alice in Scenesterland (stitchtowhere) wrote,

no loubs allowed

anyone come across any good thrift/bargain-focused fatshion (or even plain fashion) blogs? maybe it's just me but i feel like fats/the fatosphere is really really populated with insanely flush folks lately. i appreciate that people can afford prada, and miumiu, and calvin klein and look totally fantastic in it but it's not particularly applicable to my life/experience (now or probably ever). sometimes i just want to connect with others who are light in wallet but heavy in style, and it would be rad if there was a reliable place i could go to for that.

of course i have my beloved wardrobe_remixers and the fats flickr pool, but i'm sure there must be more glittering cubic zirconias out there that i'm missing.

thanks, friends!
Tags: blue collar fatshion, poor fatshions, thrifting, work it
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