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i · would · go · out · tonight...

but i haven't got a stitch to wear

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when i clicked on vegan chef/pin-up superstar Sarah Kramer's website, I braced myself for a lot of weird, possibly "new-agey," veering into thinspo jacket copy. you know, that unfortunate positioning of meatless cooking as a hippy-dieter's dream: "being a vegan will make you 'healthy!'" "slender like a tapered amethyst crystal!" "you will save the world with your inaudible faery foot falls & sparkling new carob aura!" (and i only dabble in not eating things with faces. i cannot imagine how irritating it must be for super committed fat vegans to find resources that aren't blatantly insulting.)

i REALLY did not expect this:

someone is wrong on the internetCollapse )
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This is a cool, simple trick for giving yourself a bit more room with pant buttons that I've picked up from knowing some smart, crafty pregnant people. Of course it's suitable for anyone who needs a bit more room in the button area of their pants. I keep meaning to mention it here because it solves a lot of my pant-fit foibles. It gives enough room for comfort/ease and with a substantial tee (or layered tees) you don't see it anymore than you'd already see the button of your jeans without the MacGyvering (as long as you're not wearing your shirts tucked in). People tell me that pants suddenly not fitting are usually a big struggle during body changes, and it's not always practical or possible to buy doubles in a different size. So this is one way to extend the use of your pants.

1) get a ponytail elastic
2) loop through button hole (you know the way bookmark tassles are looped through the holes punched in bookmarks? like that.)
3) profitsecure the elastic loop you created over the button (instead of putting it through the fabric hole).

Here's an image of what I'm taking about via the mommylist blog. Basically you're just creating the external loop closure you see at the neckline on a lot of vintage dresses. It's possible everyone knows this trick by now, but on the off chance you didn't, there you have it.

Edit: I wanted to mention that if you've got pants where the zipper slides down, it's another opportunity to put your hair elastics to work. loop through the zipper end and then around the button to keep your zipper securely done up. This works best with smaller elastics.

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Many happy returns originalenid!

I hope you're having a wonderful day full of delicious noms & fabulous fatshions!

I feel very lucky to count you as one of my dear friends!



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what i left the house wearing: jean jacket, shirt (tucked into pencil skirt), pencil skirt, half slip, belt, two earrings.

what i arrived to my internship wearing... (brief IM2 spoiler at the very end)Collapse )

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anyone come across any good thrift/bargain-focused fatshion (or even plain fashion) blogs? maybe it's just me but i feel like fats/the fatosphere is really really populated with insanely flush folks lately. i appreciate that people can afford prada, and miumiu, and calvin klein and look totally fantastic in it but it's not particularly applicable to my life/experience (now or probably ever). sometimes i just want to connect with others who are light in wallet but heavy in style, and it would be rad if there was a reliable place i could go to for that.

of course i have my beloved wardrobe_remixers and the fats flickr pool, but i'm sure there must be more glittering cubic zirconias out there that i'm missing.

thanks, friends!
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the only thing more tragic than this "sexy" golfer lingerie/costume is the beyond lacklustre copy selling it. what a missed opportunity! is there a more deafening sound that of a dirty golf pun unspoken?

unofficial re-write challenge starts now! let me get you started:

"get ready for the hottest FOREplay of your life...."


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Canadian Fatshion Bulletin!

Jessica Biffi, runner-up in the second season of Project Runway Canada, just launched collections at 40 Addition-Elle & Pennington's (both A-E & Pennington's sell mxm lines) stores across Canada.

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